Hey there! Maria here with some background check..... I LOVE GLEE therefore I'm a BIG gLeek. BUT this is also because I have a big celebrity crush on DARREN CRISS! (#starkidforever) Also I have a full-time job as a wizard! I do all magic from HARRY POTTER and PERCY JACKSON. Did I forget to mention I'm a DEMI-GOD. (don't take literally...I only wish this in my wildest dreams!^^) I have a little soft spot for EDWARD since he was CEDRIC DIGGORY in another life time... Then again I love the GIRL ON FIRE... KATNISS EVERDEEN! Also the LOVELY PEETA MELLARK... I just recently I have caught up to the very famous show SUPERNATURAL!!!!! but no worries KLAINE is still first in line!n truth there are many fandoms to follow so I will post a little bit much of everything up from wizards to muggles.
Be Free to Ask Questions! ^^
Accio Wizards!